Gandalf and Monopoly



Do you have a favourite board game? Tell me in the comments! 🙂


Hold Your Horses

Hold Your Horses

“Hold your horses, Hulk.”

Who is your favourite superhero?

I Am So Judging You Right Now

Don't Judge Me

Don’t judge me.

Sometimes I feel like hipsters are secretly judging me.

Not That Magical

I'm No Reagan


“And for my third wish, I wish the U.S. economy would be fixed.”

“Who do you think I am, Ronald Reagan?! I’m not that magical!”




Whenever I play that game I just blow up everybody with rocket launchers. I don’t even remember who’s on my team.


I See Your Point

I see your point.

Do the Dew

Mountain Dew


“Kryptonite? Don’t be ridiculous! No seriously, it’s Mountain Dew.”