Bringing Saxy Back

Saxy and He Knows It

Josh is saxy and he knows it.

What music do you guys like?


Every Mime’s Favourite Sport. . .

Invisible Boxing

Invisible Boxing.

Heh. Heh. See what I did there?

Just How I Roll. . .

On a Roll

Sometimes people tell me I post these too much, but I just can’t help it ’cause. . . I’m on a roll.

I really like hats. What’s your favourite kind of hat?

Andrew Lucky

Feelin' Lucky

“Do ya feel lucky, punk?”

I actually like Andrew Luck and the Colts. But not as much as the Denver Broncos. What’s your favourite sports team? And what’s your favourite Clint Eastwood movie?



Jon was a little disappointed to find that his new book had been abridged.

The Evolution of Hip

Evolution of Hip

From left to right: hip, hippie,  hipster, hip-hop, hippity-hoppity.


A Little Captain

Captain America


This is what I think of whenever someone says ‘Captain America.’

I have yet to see the new movie. Is it good?