The Walking Dead.

Walk it Off

“If you get hurt, hurt ’em back! If you get killed. . .walk it off!”

Silly Quicksilver. Should’ve listened to Cap. -_-



“Mr. O’Malley, what do you think about the recent Supreme Court ruling?”
“I just want me rainbow back!”

The Big Question.


Chief Inspector Marshall wasn’t sure why, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that Bryan was up to something questionable.

No-Shave Novembear

No-Shave NovemBear

The progression that occurs when Jon doesn’t shave.

What is the longest you’ve ever gone without shaving?

Bear Arms


Revoking the right to bear arms ended very badly for the feds.

I support the right to arm bears.


“For security reasons, we are revoking your right to bear arms.”

It’s About Thyme

Right on Thyme
Looks like I’m right on thyme. . .

It’s been a long time since I’ve done these, but I figured I’d start it up again.